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The Cater Administration and the Evolution of American Nuclear Essay

The Cater Administration and the Evolution of American Nuclear Non-profileration Policy - Essay Example t atomic force can't be utilized presently, yet these individuals disregard the way that some minimized nations as of now have atomic advancements, and their atomic potential is continually expanding. Moreover, it is viewed as that such nations as Iran and Northern Korea are building up their own atomic projects. The point of the Carter administration’s non-multiplication measures was to diminish the entire measure of atomic weapons on the planet and to control conceivable expansion. Michael J. Martinez in his article The Carter Administration and the Evolution of American Nonproliferation Policy, 1977-1981 has investigated the fundamental highlights of Carter’s non-expansion strategy. This paper will quickly clarify America’s atomic non-expansion strategy from 1945-1977; it will likewise talk about the Carter’s capacity to impact the approach procedure, just as positive and negative consequences of Carter’s non-multiplication strategy. 2. â€Å"Non-expansion policy† alludes to international strategy estimates coordinated at diminishing world atomic weapons through universal settlements between states having atomic innovation or attempting to have it. American atomic non-multiplication strategy from 1945 until 1977 has significantly changed. These progressions were directed by unsteady international strategy circumstances which were clear in the consistent strain between the United States with its European partners and the Soviet Union. After World War II, previous Anti-Hitler Coalition partners every now and again differ and continually went up against one another, which brought about the Cold War. After World War II and in the start of the Cold War, U.S. endeavors were coordinated toward halting expansion and stopping the improvement of atomic projects of the Soviet Union and its Socialist partners. American atomic arrangement likewise was focused on helping U.S. partners to create protective atomic abiliti es in Western Europe. Atomic bomb testing by France changed the U.S. methodology sought after exacting non-expansion

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Black on Black Violence Essay

Dark on dark viciousness has been on the ascent in the ongoing years. 1 of every 146 dark guys are in danger of savage demise, while the proportion for white men is 1 out of 189. I don't get our meaning by â€Å"Black on Black wrongdoing? † It might be depicted as whenever a Black individual perpetrates brutal mischief on another Black individual. The impacts of this brutality operating at a profit network are colossal. Brutality is a lot of part of being Black in America. Another issue in America is putting an inappropriate people waiting for capital punishment. More often than not it is simply to a liable decision so the prosecutor’s family can proceed onward. This is actually what occurred on account of Walter McMillian who was blamed and seen as blameworthy for killing a Ronda Morrison by discharge. In this entry I will clarify a portion of the dark on dark brutality found in America, talk about a portion of the selections from Les Payne and Glenn Loury’s contention, and clarify McMillians preliminary in addition to the racial disparity he encountered. Jesse Jackson once said so as to have a more secure living condition you â€Å"must get the firearms off the streets†. It was said that in LA County that African-Americans have a 1/29 possibility of being killed while whites are just a 1/186 possibility. So why are blacks at such a more serious hazard than whites? One clarification can be the dark on dark brutality that is happening in our general public today. Of the brutality that blacks do utilize it has been accounted for that 94% of it is utilized on other dark people groups. From the get-go in life is the place the children admire their companions and need to do what they do and act how they act. What's more, this sole factor is the explanation the viciousness in networks is on the ascent. The good examples in these youthful dark kids’ lives are frequently street pharmacists or pack individuals and this can be alluring to the adolescent. They see all the material things these vendors and group individuals have and they need it as well. However, what these youngsters don't comprehend is the implies that these more established good examples get these products. A lady named Mary Ross is an individual from LA County and she said you need to battle so as to make it in these less fortunate neighborhoods. She said that she went after a position thus did a white lady. Mary guarantees that the white young lady landed the position in view of the shade of her skin and not the abilities she would bring to the activity. So she feels the best way to carry on with her life is by taking and burglarizing from others. At the point when she fights Mary says she won't stop until she sees a great deal of blood. Flows TV additionally talked with her significant other Anthony Carter. He says that there is outrage on the boulevards that prompts this savagery and that there is an absence of chance and explicit segregation on the community’s part. By far most of the individuals living in poor neighborhoods are decent residents but since of where they live they are sucked into the viciousness. Frankie Lee Randolph, a multi year old, was one of these decent residents who was trapped in the cross fire of a fierce dark network. He was in the administration, had a great job and a decent family yet one day he was simply wounded to death for no evident explanation. These families who do comply with the law need police security however not the police ruthlessness they see frequently. Being poor and having low confidence could prompt a great deal of the savagery and outrage in those networks. It appears the higher up you are in the public arena the more educated choices you make. The individuals in less fortunate dark networks feel as though their lives are being assaulted so they need weapons for assurance. They are encircled by brutality so you should be set up for the unforeseen. The individuals of these areas feel as though they have to make a move before the activity comes at them. At that point and at exactly that point do they sense that they are in charge. Encountering viciousness improves the probability that an individual will utilize savagery against another person later. So viciousness in the network resembles a snowball moving down a slope in a torrential slide, getting bigger as it comes, clearing up increasingly more in its way. Brutality is a self-propagating issue. Next, the Currents TV exchanged into a meeting with Glenn Loury and Les Payne. Loury raised the issue of blacks picking their own predeterminations while Payne raised the issue of a clairvoyant destruction. Loury said that blacks can teach themselves and improve their own lives; it was their moral duty. He says we have to give them the methods yet additionally lead them down the correct way. There is more weight on ensuring most of the honest residents and more exertion to support the vicious minority. Loury then proceeds to state that conduct and home life lead to this savagery and individuals settle on their own decisions, regardless of whether they be positive or negative ones. He fundamentally summarizes his contentions by expressing the dark networks need to propel their own advantages and to start thinking responsibly and deal with yourself and who you deal with. Les Payne started his contention by disclosing to us that dark are caused to feel mediocre compared to the white race; what he calls a clairvoyant massacre. How are these children going to get taught? That is an American issue. It is an open issue for this nation. There isn’t any alternate way to it. There’s no simple response to it. Payne states that dark life is turning out to be degraded and there is an exceptionally scarcely discernible difference from the individuals who are fruitful and the individuals who are most certainly not. He at that point says that medications are pulverizing the network when they are being acquired. Medications lead to brutality, doubt inside the network, and an absence of oversight in the city. It’s got the chance to manage the laws, the establishments that impact our kin. We need to discuss it as an American people group. At last, I will address the case including Walter McMillian. It was claimed that McMillian went into a cleaners and looted and killed the representative there, multi year old Ronda Morrison. McMillian says he was at home doing a fish fry that day. The capture came following seven months where police had no leads at all until Ralph Myers, a white man with a long criminal record, approached. He was captured for the homicide of another young lady in Alabama. Meyers was cross examined about Ronda Morrison’s murder and in the long run expressed that Walter McMillian, a 46-year-old dark man from Monroe County, had slaughtered Ronda. Two other saw certified pieces of Myerss story. Meyers depicted the manner in which the body was situated and as far as anyone knows gave solid insights concerning the location of the wrongdoing. In any case, agents said that his declaration wasn't right and that the body was never moved on the grounds that there was a particular residue on the floor that was undisturbed. There were no fingerprints, ballistics, and no physical proof at all. Meyers expressed that he drove McMillian’s truck to the store and afterward started hearing popping sounds from inside. Meyers at that point headed inside and saw McMillian over the body with cash in his grasp. The state required a corroborator for Meyers’ explanation to hold up by law. Bill Hooks was this man. He said he drove by and saw McMillian get in traveler side at cleaners with Meyers as driver. Snares realized it was his truck since his truck had been brought down. McMillian said it couldn't have been his since he got his truck brought down a half year after the homicide occurred. Furthermore McMillian and a companion both said that it couldn't have been his since his truck had no transmission in it, so it was not by any means ready to begin. Guard legal advisors said that Hooks got help from the cops for the implicating explanation. This help included getting discharged from prison, having his charges dropped, and $5,000. Close to the finish of the preliminary investigators raised the issue of McMillian â€Å"running around† with a white lady. McMillian was condemned to death row for a long time before being discharged after reality became known. There were numerous issues of bigotry and disparity during the examination and preliminary. First was the bogus explanation given by the three observers. Investigators revealed to him his declaration would give him a decreased sentence. DA Chapman prosecuted Meyer’s dependent on prevarication where he gave a bogus explanation while being in promise. Witnesses who had affirmed against McMillian conceded that they had submitted prevarication. Next there was the way that there was no proof that would implicate McMillian by any stretch of the imagination. No physical proof, no fingerprints, and no ballistic reports. Maybe the court simply needed to discover somebody to put the fault. The sum total of what they had was the declaration of three people. As a general rule this would not be sufficient for a preliminary, but since of the suggestions, murder of white lady and asserted executing of a dark man, it was sufficient for Alabama courts to attempt. McMillian later said that he was indicted in light of the fact that he was with a white lady and in light of the fact that his child likewise wedded a white lady. Also, it turned out to be certain that the arraignment had shrouded exculpatory proof, including the presence of an observer who had seen the casualty alive after the time at which the indictment battled the wrongdoing had happened. The protection asked that the preliminary be moved from Monroe County in light of all the exposure encompassing the case. The appointed authority consented to move the preliminary from Monroe County to Baldwin County, which had a significantly littler level of dark individuals in its populace. There was likewise the way that the jury in the preliminary suggested a lifelong incarceration for McMillian however the appointed authority overruled this proposal and condemned him to death. McMillan said he never questioned his honesty would become visible, yet when asked whether he has confidence in the equity framework, he reacted: â€Å"No. Not in the least. â€Å"

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The Most Important Metrics Used by Successful Bloggers

The Most Important Metrics Used by Successful Bloggers We often hear or read the phrase “blog metrics” being thrown around. The concept sounds so complicated that not everyone bothers to look deeper and fully understand what it is. However, serious bloggers cannot just ignore these blog metrics, not if they want to have a successful blog. © Shutterstock | Bakhtiar ZeinIn this article, we will discuss the 7 most important metrics for building a profitable blog.BLOGGING METRICSFirst off, what do we mean by blog or blogging metrics?The term “metrics” generally refers to any method of measuring something. It is also synonymously used to refer to the results that are obtained from the method or mode of measurement applied. When we say “blogging metrics”, we are referring to the methods (and the numbers obtained from the methods) of measurement to gauge the overall performance of a blog. In simpler terms, these metrics are indicators of the success of a blog.Bloggers greatly rely on these metrics to see whether they are on the right track, or how fast (or slow) they are moving towards the direction they are aiming for. Using these metrics, they can employ strategies to move things along or to do better. For the most successful bloggers, these blog metrics are closer than best friends.More than just figures or stats , blogging metrics play a more important role in blogging. Let us try to break them down.Blog metrics provide bloggers a clearer and better understanding of how each piece of content performs.Blog metrics lets bloggers be better “acquainted” with their audience, such as what interests them and what doesn’t.Blog metrics allows bloggers to perform quality control on their blog content.Blog metrics not only give you a clear picture of your blog’s overall performance, but also a look at its growth.METRICS THAT SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS CARE ABOUTThere are a lot of metrics that measure blog performance, and we do mean A LOT. In fact, there’s just so many of them that they can practically drown you if you try to closely monitor all of them. Some bloggers monitor all of them, while others â€" most likely the successful ones â€" only pay attention to the metrics that “matter”. Let’s face it: some blogging metrics are more important than others, so why waste your time tracking all blogging metrics when you can just pay attention to those that actually say something about your blog performance?That is another one of the differences that separate the successful bloggers from the less successful ones. In the following discussion, we will do as the successful bloggers do, and that is to take a look at the relevant and important blogging metrics.#1 Page ViewsWhen a visitor goes to your blog, it will register one page view on your home page. If they click on, say, one blog post, that is another page view. If he likes what he is seeing, his interest will be high, and he is likely to click to go to other pages on your blog. That will certainly increase the number of page views for your blog. But let us break that down further.Number of views per page â€" You may be wondering which of the posts on your blog draws the highest amount of interest. You can determine that by looking at the number of views that each page gets. A travel blog may find that its posts on budget travel tips gets more views than content that talks about luxury cruises. That will be the blogger’s cue to come up with more content that pertains to budget travel because readers are more interested in the topic. This metric will clue you in on which pages or content gets the most interest and drives the most traffic.Number of pages per visit â€" In one visit, how many pages do your visitors view? If you notice that many of them view only one or two pages, it means that they most likely do not find your content to be interesting. Alternatively, your links could be in places where your visitors’ eyes do not go. It is a sign of having a good page layout and quality content if you are able to engage your visitors long enough to check out other pages in your blog. If you are sure that your content is high quality, you should try changing the positioning of the various elements on the various pages. Improving content and layout are two of the most important ways of improving your blog’s page views per visitor.#2 VisitorsThere is a general perception among new bloggers that the higher the number of visitors to their blogs is, the more successful it is. To a certain extent, this may be true. However, it is inconclusive, since you also have to take note of the kind or quality of visitors that you blog is getting. Once you are sure that you are attracting the right visitors to your blog, you can go ahead and analyze these metrics.Unique VisitorsThis lets you know the number of unique visitors, or actual people, to your blog. You will be informed on how many are actually seeing the content you put up on your blog. In Google Analytics, this metric is now simply referred to as “Users” so don’t get confused.High numbers indicate that you are going a good job and should keep at it. Low numbers mean you need to put in more work, particularly in promoting your content and your blog as a whole. The next steps you’d take should focus on increasing awareness of your blog.New and Returning VisitorsMetrics that show a high number of new visitors have a lot to do with your efforts to promote your blog and content. If the number is low, then you have to find better ways and avenues to promote your blog.Unfortunately, most bloggers are fixated on the number of people visiting their blogs so they promote it, in the hopes of attracting new visitors. In this instance, they run the risk of ignoring those who have already visited.Visitors or readers have a tendency to return to a blog that left a very good impression on them during their first visit. They tend to develop a loyalty for this blog, so that they keep returning to check out what new content it has to offer. If metrics show a high number or percentage of returning visitors, it means one thing: the quality of your content is high and they offer value, so they keep coming back. If the percentage is low, that means you have to take another look at the content that you offer and find ways to make it more appealing and offer more value. #3 TrafficIn the past, there seemed to be a general consensus among websites and blogs that “traffic is everything”. Traffic, in this context, refers to web traffic, or the amount of data that is sent and received by visitors to a website or a blog. We could also define it as the number of visitors to a website or blog, the number of web pages that they click, and the length of time or duration that a visitor views a page on the website or blog.But do not just stick on those numbers. You have to look beneath the surface in order for those numbers to make more sense.Traffic sourcesTraffic to your blog comes from various sources, and you have to be able to identify them in order to determine which source provides the most traffic, and which sources need to be worked on even more. Some of the most common traffic sources include:Search engines. You will find that one of the most common advices given to new bloggers is to increase their bl og’s search engine visibility. That is because search engines are the biggest sources of traffic. If you manage to consistently create content that ranks you high in search engine rankings, the chances are very high that more people will visit your blog. If you notice that there are only a few people who come by your blog through search engines, then you have to reconsider your content and how you create them. Maybe you should pay more attention to the use of keywords and terms that will be more search-engine-friendly. This is where search engine optimization tools come in very handy.Through direct visits. Direct traffic involves directly typing the URL of your blog on the address bar. These could be spurred by many different things. Perhaps the visitor happened to have heard about your blog on the television, or they read about it on an article in the newspaper. It could also be that the site came up in a conversation with a friend. Maybe they visited the site in the past and the name was memorable enough to stick in their minds. There are many things that could result in direct traffic on your blog.Referrals. This is no longer a new concept. What makes it different from direct traffic is that it is generated through visitors clicking a link to your blog from another website or blog. A very important information provided by this metric is the most effective referrer. What search engines, social media networks, websites, blogs, or listings are sending traffic over your way?Image searches. Humans are visual creatures by nature. They like a picture they see, they click to find out more about it. Which is why you have to make sure to make good use of photos in your blog. Successful bloggers also pay attention on how they tag the images that they use, using descriptive image file names and choosing the keywords carefully. This is because image searches on search engines are also using these file names as basis on what to return to every visitor’s image search. Other websites or blogs. If other sites or blogs puts up a link to your blog on their page, they are considered as referrers, effectively turning them into sources of traffic. This metric will also help bloggers, especially those who are just starting out, to build relationships and start their own networks in the blogging community. They will reach out to these sites or blogs that referred them, and go from there.Social networks or platforms. People who like a content in a blog are likely to share its URL on their personal social media accounts, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Reddit, to name a few. This will make the link to your blog visible to other people in their circles, and so they will click in order to visit your blog. That will certainly increase traffic to your blog through referrals. Low numbers in this category means you have to step up your game in the social media networks.Web directories or listings. If you list your blog in the relevant direc tories, then you are bound to expect some traffic through that channel. Business blogs, for example, make sure they are listed on YellowPages.com or Yelp.com, and visitors to that site will have more chances of stumbling on them when searching for specific services or goods.Traffic locationWhen starting your blog, you must have a target audience in mind, and you know where they are from. Take a look at where the visitors to your site are coming from. If, in the beginning, you only had one area or location in mind, you may notice that your visitors are also coming from other locations. That will make you arrange and rearrange your content creation strategy accordingly.Bounce rateYou also have to pay attention to the amount of traffic or number of visitors who click to your blog, and immediately leave right after they have arrived. It could be that your blog did not leave enough of an impression at first glance so they just clicked away.High bounce rates will urge you to rethink your blog’s layout and design, as well as the content and how you present them so that they will immediately catch one’s attention even at first glance. #4 Time on SiteIt is not enough to see how many views a page gets, or how many pages are viewed by visitors in each visit. You also have to consider the length of time or duration that is spent by the visitors on your blog. Take a look at the average time that a visitor stays in your blog.If it lasts just a few minutes, there is a chance that your content did not engage them enough. If they stayed for more than several minutes, that means they have spent a longer time reading many of the posts on your blog.#5 Inbound and Outbound LinksInbound links, also known as backlinks, are hyperlinks in another website that leads directly to your blog, while outbound links are links on your blog that will take those who click it someplace else, away from your blog.When measuring inbound links, you have to monitor the number of sites or blog that link into your blog. An example is when another site or blog liked the content on your blog and post a link on their pages, thus encouraging their audience to visit your blog. Of course, the number is not the only thing that matters. You will also be able to ascertain the quality of these sites that link back to you. Obviously, it bodes well for your blog if the inbound links come from influential or popular sites.In the case of outbound links, you might be confused. How can they help your blog if they will take them away from it? Believe it or not, outbound links are very helpful in improving your blog ranking and give it more authority. These outbound links will enable search engines to identify your blog under a specific niche. High clicks on outbound links on your blog indicates that you have inspired trust in your visitors; you “recommended” that link, so it must be worth checking out.[slideshare id=40366879doc=metricsslidesharev13i-141016141429-conversion-gate01w=640h=330 ]#6 Social interactions and Social Media MetricsIf a visitor likes what he saw or read on your blog, chances are high that he will be encouraged to interact with your blog, maybe even engage you â€" the blogger â€" in conversation. The amount of social interaction that your blog gets is also indicative of interest in your blog’s content.Comments. Some bloggers measure the success of a blog post in the number of comments it receives. Usually, there are certain types of blog posts that get the most comments in a blog. If you’re smart, you will keep creating that type of content in order to keep the level of interest high.Social media shares and clicks. We have mentioned earlier that happy visitors are those who will share your content on their social media accounts. This is another type of social interaction. Let us say, for example, that you tweeted about your content. Your followers on Twitter will check out the content and, if they liked it as well, they will also share it to t heir own followers through the Retweet button. Great content is highly likely to be shared the most, so take note of the type of content that gets these high percentages of interaction. If the rate is low, then you have to work harder to make sure your blog becomes more visible.#7 E-mail and RSS Feed StatisticsBlogs also have RSS feeds and set up email lists, created for the purpose of helping the blog build an online community or following. These metrics will also help you in creating and managing content. Two important metrics that you may want to pay attention to are the Number of Subscribes and Unsubscribes. How many sign-ups did your email list and RSS feed get? How many unsubscribed, and what is their reason for leaving your list?WHICH BLOGGING METRIC TO CHECK?Finally, let us try to answer the questions on most newbie bloggers’ minds: Why do some blogging metrics hold more weight than others? When is a blogging metric more important?At the end of the day, choosing which blog ging metrics are the most relevant and important will depend on what you want to achieve for your blog. While blogging, what do you care about? What is important to you? What do you want to achieve from blogging, or what do you foresee for the future of your blog?How do you define success in blogging?These questions apply whether you are maintaining a personal blog or a business blog. Once you have fully answered these questions, it will be easier for you to decide which among the blogging metrics discussed will be most relevant and important.

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Oppression of Women in Chopins Story of an Hour and...

Oppression of Women in Chopins Story of an Hour and Gilmans Yellow Wallpaper The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman share the same view of the subordinate position of women in the late 1800s. Both stories demonstrate the devastating effects on the mind and body that result from an intelligent person living with and accepting the imposed will of another. This essay will attempt to make their themes apparent by examining a brief summery of their stories and relating them to their personal histories. It will reveal this theme further through analysis of setting, visual and conceptual symbolism, and by exploring the relationships between the characters in each story. In the†¦show more content†¦No doubt, she drew on the strength she gained from witnessing her mother?s self-sufficiency. She also drew on her own experiences of being able to do things for herself (Wyatt). Similarly, Gilman drew on a powerful event in her life. She suffered from a severe and continuos nervous breakdown tending to melancholia (Gilman). A famous physician prescribed the rest cure which she claims nearly drove her insane. She wrote The Yellow Wallpaper as a way of protesting his methods (Gilman). The main setting of both stories occurs in a room; however, these two rooms have very contrasting atmospheres. In Chopin?s story the light and peaceful environment depicted by the author promotes the concept that Louise is beginning a new and wonderful life after being told of the death of her husband, releasing her from his imposing will. She sinks into a comfortable armchair facing an open window. The trees are aquiver with new life, the smell of rain is in the air, and a woman is singing. On the other hand, The Yellow Wallpaper is set in a room that evokes the impression of imprisonment. There are bars on the windows, a gate at the top of the stairs, rings and things in the walls, and the pattern in the wallpaper reminds her of bars with a woman trapped behind them. Even the bed is nailed to the floor. This setting helps Gilman to impart her theme of oppression of women in marriage. The relationships between the characters in each of theShow MoreRelatedThe Yellow Wallpaper And The Story Of An Hour Analysis983 Words   |  4 PagesCharlotte Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† and Kate Chopin’s â€Å"The Story of an Hour† both take place primarily in domestic spaces representative of the attitudes and feelings of each character. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† tells the story of a young woman’s decent into depression and madness, commonly attributed to the excessive and unnecessary control her husband exerts over her. â€Å"The Story of an Hour† delves into the conflicted mind of a young woman after hearing the news of her husband’s death and herRead MoreThe Oppressive Force in Marriage 1266 Words   |  6 Pagesrelationship to a notion of imprisonment. Through the feminist perspective the reader gains a sense in which marriage may be the primary cause to gender oppression. In â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† Gilman’s central figure, who is unknown to the reader, is metaphorically imprisoned in a house in which the warden is her own husband. In contrast to this Chopin’s Character, Louise Mallard, gains a sense of liberation from a bleak marriage. It is clear that there two works illustrate how the characters are imprisonedRead MoreThe Role Of Realism In If I Were A Man By Charlotte Perkins Gilman1295 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout history, women have been fighting for equality and personal freedom in patriarchal societies. One avenue that feminist activist used to speak out against female oppression was literature. As G.H. Lewes put it in his 1852 literary work â€Å"The Lady Novelists,† â€Å"The advent of female literature promises womans view of life, womans experience: in other words, a new element† (Lewes). This new element was definitely propagated by two literary leaders for women’s rights in the Victorian Era feministRead More Theme of Iso lation in Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper, Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums and Chopin’s The Awakening1619 Words   |  7 PagesDespite differing story lines, Charlotte Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper, John Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, depict the same suffering; the isolation that women have been forced to endure throughout history. In the time period that all three characters were placed, it was culturally acceptable for wives to be dominated by their husbands; their responsibility revolving around the needs of their children and those of their spouse. Most women simply did not have a meansRead MoreComparing the Yellow Wallpaper Story of an Hour1255 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and â€Å"The Story of an Hour† by Kate Chopin are two short stories that can today be categorized as feminist works of fiction. The main characters are females who are stru ggling for freedom from their husbands. Although the characters situations differ and the women react differently once they are aware of their suppression, the authors use similar motifs, imagery and themes. Both Gilman and Chopin use irony and the themes of repression of women in marriageRead More The Awakening and The Yellow Wallpaper2395 Words   |  10 Pages   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Kate Chopins story The Awakening and Charlotte Perkins Gilmans story The Yellow Wallpaper draw their power from two truths: First, each work stands as a political cry against injustice and at the socio/political genesis of the modern feminist movement. Second, each text is a gatekeeper of a new literary history. Kate Chopin and Charlotte Perkins Gilman seem to initiate a new phase in textual history where literary conventions are revised to serve an ideology representative of theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Story Of An Hour And Charlotte Perkins Gilman s The Yellow Wallpaper908 Words   |  4 PagesKate Chopin’s â€Å"The Story of an Hour† and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† are two short stories that share similar themes and ideas. The authors’ use of point of view, symbolism, and imagery are different but still convey the same basic idea. Both stories cover the theme of marriage and share th e idea that marriage is oppressive. The stories focus on two wives desperate to break from the control of their husbands. In â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† the woman’s husband is a doctor thereforeRead MoreFeminism : A Feminist Perspective1904 Words   |  8 Pagesto books. Along with this, feminist literary and cultural theories were born from feminists who also challenge and analyze the expressions and resistance between women’s roles and views and patriarchal, or the dominant power given to men over women, oppression. One way that such feminists observe and analyze this resistance is through the feminist analysis, a text that draws on and influences the various applications of women’s roles in society such as gender and class, sexuality, race/ethnicity, psychologyRead MoreThe Cult Of Domesticity By Charlotte Perkins Gilman And Kate Chopin Essay972 Words   |  4 Pageswhile women were the homemakers and domesticates. Since women were considered physically weaker yet morally superior to m en, they were best suited to the domestic sphere (Hughes). It is against this backdrop that Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Kate Chopin write â€Å"The Yellow Wall-Paper† (1892) and â€Å"The Story of an Hour† (1894), respectively. Each story is an allegory that spotlights female oppression by patriarchal authority and the struggles of women to attain liberty from this oppression. AlthoughRead MoreThe Story Of An Hour And Charlotte Perkins Gilman s The Yellow Wallpaper Essay1670 Words   |  7 PagesA Women’s Role in a Patriarchal Society During the 19th Century Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper are two of the first works of feminist literature in the 19th century. They were written at a time when a woman’s lot was characterized by gender inequality, with few legal, social, or political rights. In the 19th century women were constant victims of society’s ideals, defined as physically and intellectually weaker than men. Fathers and husbands

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The Basics of Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric

The Basics of Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric A good example of a student that argues well to support her or his claim is observed below. A student that doesn't take a position is not going to score well on the synthesis essay. Each answer demands the student to synthesize three or more sources in the essay. But first and foremost, have fun. If you are aware that you won't have enough time to reread, then make sure to revise as you go. Thus, don't be scared to devote some time crafting that argument. Need demcrasy for improved life. Be certain that you are showing the way the thesis was supported. To approach such a writing, there are many steps which you could take to prepare. Only that you ought to remember that both sides are arguable, pick one, and stick with it. Your exam is broken up into portions. The small note at the conclusion of the prompt about avoiding plot summary is extremely important. Here is a superb place to use parallel structure. Attempt to select the best devices to strengthen your argument that you are able to. Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric Help! Also, be sure you understand what you've written. Student 1A is an instance of utilizing logic to support her or his argument. Skip two spaces and start your analysis. Finding Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric However, like most AP writing, in addition, it can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing the question you're answering is the most significant portion of AP writing. The AP English argument FRQ is easily the most straightforward of the AP English FRQs since it is the most like essays you're already utilised to writing. Doing this will enhance your AP writing. This statement outlines the remainder of the essay too, making this a critical part of the AP English Language synthesis essay rubric. Incorrect assertions might be made about the passage. By doing so you will form a thesis statement and reveal that you're able to prove a point. But do n't forget the AP argument FRQ is intended to test how well it is possible to craft an argument. Nonetheless, it is ultimately about how well you can set forth an argument. This argument has to be supported as you write, and one of the most effective ways to do so is to reference the passage that you're given. The Debate Over Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric This kind of essay requires a good framework and exceptional support. Here, you can concentrate on repetition and elaborate on the way that it contributes to meaning. The third part of the synthesis essay rubric covers the potency of the student's argument. The usage of language, while not the most influential portion of the essay, does have an impact on the general score. Unlike the synthesis essay, the argument essays permit the student to insert any appropriate knowledge or private experiences he or she has. Quite simply, restate their thesis as written and then place it in your own words with more explanatio n if necessary. Please don't hesitate to read the full essays here for much better understanding. A History of Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric Refuted In addition, the paragraph doesn't support the thought that polite speech conveys tone online as it primarily focuses on the deficiency of polite speech on some sections of the web. When people on the web aren't polite, they don't be concerned about their tone in any way, and it offends people. Imagine this individual disagrees with everything which you say. Eminent domain was instituted in 1 way or anther throughout the world for centuries. The way the president was affected should be addressed. Even though the writer's ideas are usually understandable, the constraint of language is often immature. Demonstrate a comprehension of the rhetorical situation. What Does Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric Mean? You do not need to choose a matter that you have experienced personally. Advertising has fierce critics together with staunch advocates. Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric Is Wrong This means that you need to read the offered sources and formulate your opinion depending on the info. All documents ought to be full pages. We're a top service in regards to writing research papers. Find quotations from three distinct sources to utilize in each individual body paragraph as a way to fulfill the rubric. Up in Arms About Ap Lang Essay Student Samples New Rubric? It does not merely repeat the very same points. Do not try to go off-topic, because the maximum score an off-topic argument essay can make on the rubric is a 1. Instead, you would like to analyze the essay and be sure your claim is supported. In the event the answer is yes, attempt to structure your argument in order for your points build off one another. Relating your argument to an appropriate event can demonstrate the examiners that you're able to apply a notion, which mig ht bump your score up a point.

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Influence of Christianity and Islam on Medieval Europe Free Essays

CHIJIOKE MADUEWESI ID:9315 CHRISTIANITY In medieval Europe, major impacts from the fall of the roman empire still exists today. One of these religion is Christianity, which has made a staunch effect on medieval Europe. Christianity has been a major practice in Europe since the first century. We will write a custom essay sample on Influence of Christianity and Islam on Medieval Europe or any similar topic only for you Order Now It accounted for more than 76. 2% of the Europeans. Christianity introduced catholic churches in medieval Europe. These churches laid down meaningful influences, which has and is still aiding European countries till date. These churches in medieval Europe somewhat lectured people, that their souls were conceived in sin, and also, these sinful souls could be saved if only they repented. This applied evenly to everyone with no exception, including the kings and queens. These churches taught the European to be charitable, a good example can be seen in the â€Å"Story of lady Godiva†, where she was honored by the population for her charity. The church also started schools in the west, a perfect example is the kings school in Canterbury, that is still operating today despite its Age (founded in 596). The church, also Supplied hospitals for the sick, lame and injured to be catered for. These group of people, had their needs attended to by the nuns and monks of the church. Again, the church made available sanctuary for the oppressed and fugitives. ISLAM Islam, a religion with a strong pursuit for excellence wherever it finds its self. They served â€Å"Allah†, they took prayers very serious, praying five times daily, showing their zeal for righteousness and respect to â€Å"Allah†. Islam significantly were effective in different areas in the early ages of medieval Europe . They gave major influences in various aspect of Europe, as in, Art, architecture, technology, language and many others. First, many words used in Europe were derived from islam. These words are based in major sciences such as mathematics, medicine, physics etc. Some of these words include; Algorithm derived from â€Å"Al-khwarizmis†, Algebra from â€Å"Al-jabr† etc . These words are still viable today, helping the mathematicians formulate equations in Europe. Furthermore, Arabic schools were created in Europe, in order to support the muslims in Europe to read and write in Arabic. It also functioned to teach its language to people who are willing to transform to a different religion. Several Arabic books, written by great Islamic authors, aided major developments in medicine and physics. Avicenna, a renowned muslim author, famous for his book by the name â€Å"The canon of medicine† which influenced European Medicine and is still a standard medical text book in Europe. In this book, he brought up the idea of infectious/contagious diseases, that spread easily from person to person through air-borne. This has helped doctors today to completely eradicate or vaccinate specific carriers in Europe. Also, Muhammad ibu Zakariye Razi, famous for writing books (encyclopedias), realeased his book by name â€Å"The comprehensive Book of Medicine†, which has carefully explained the distinctions between certain diseases such as measles from chicken pox, thereby, enabling the doctors to vividly discover the symptoms that cause them, also, prevents these doctors from mixing both. In physics, another popular author, Alhazer, wrote the â€Å"Book of Optics† (Ibu al-ttaytham) it was highly notable for its development and influence on the theory of vision and light, which has made major changes in the optic world of physics in medieval Europe. In medieval Europe, Islamic arts were highly rated and decorative, thus, its high importation into Europe. Its designs featured man hunting and carvings, which indicate ancient renaissance art, which has been greatly acknowledged in Europe. However, it is fascinating to know that, home materials such as carpets and flower vase were introduced to Europe by islam. These carpets indicated wealth in Europe. They are still traded today, mainly by the aristocrats. Moreover, medieval Europe adopted their ideas of technology from the Islamic world. These technologies include, astronomical devices, developed and refined by the Islamic world, which Europe admired and obtained. Other examples include; gearing in water clocks and crops. ROME Rome, one of the greatest empires known, respected for its violence, army and rule. They influenced the medieval. They brought about the advent of advanced weaponry in Europe. Most of the European weapons were collected from the world of rome and transformed into mass destruction devices. The Europeans took advantage of this, and used them in wars. Today, Europe still has a standard class of weapons, used for protection in battles. Moreover, Roman civilization had an effect on the culture, language, architecture and the European government. In terms of language, the Romans spoke latin and latin is popularly spoken in Europe. They were also a major influence of classical architecture. In terms of religion, Constantine the great made Christianity a popular religion by restricting the killing of Christians. Now, Christianity is a major aspect in Europe. Many of the cities presently in Europe were founded by the romans and also water system works such as plumbing was introduced by the romans in Europe. Many artistic works were gotten from rome, also, symbols and logos such as; eagle wings, coat of arms normally on flags were gotten from Rome which European flags still bear nowadays. Finally, European parents now name their children with latin names such as; Paulus, Julius, maria and Julia etc. This was a major contribution from in European countries today. How to cite Influence of Christianity and Islam on Medieval Europe, Essay examples

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Turning Points of WWII Essays - Military History By Country

Turning Points of WWII It is often thought that there were three specific turning points on the Allies road to victory in the second world war. The points that are considered to have the most significance are the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of El Alamein. Each one of these battles contributed to the rise of the Allies, and the fall of the Axis in their own way. The Battle of Midway is considered the most influential battle in the Pacific theater. It took place between June 4th and June 7th, 1942, near Midway Atoll. American Admirals Chester Nimitz, Frank Jack Fletcher, and Raymond A. Spruance lead a battle against the Japanese fleet, under the Admirals Isoroku Yamamoto, Chuichi Nagumo, and Nobutake Kondo. The battle ended with the Americans victorious, and the Japanese fleet suffering irreversible damages. The victory of this battle is largely due to the American cryptographers, who managed to find the time, date, and place that the attack was to take place. This allowed the Americans to prepare for the attack, and ultimately lead to their victory. The battle of midway is considered the biggest naval victory in history, and marks a turning point in the war. With the Japanese fleet decimated, the Pacific remained under US control, allowing trade to continue for the US, and allowed the US to focus more of their efforts in Europe. The Battle of Stalingrad was considered to be one of the largest and bloodiest battles in history. Nazi Germany and its allies tried to advance on the Eastern front, further into Russia. The Germans began their offensive on August 23rd, 1942, by sending in the 6th army with support from the 4th Panzer division, all the while having support from the Luftwaffe. Despite this apparent tactical advantage, the fighting was eventually reduced to fighting house for house. In the end, the Red Army managed to push the Germans back, out of Stalingrad, and the Germans never regained their footing on the Eastern front. This battle is considered a turning point because it marks the point where the Germans could no longer advance to the East. Putting Germany on the defencive in the East also meant the German army had to redistribute troops, withdrawing them from the West, and sending them East. This made the war on the Western front significantly easier. The Battle of El Alamein, marked the first major victory of the Allies, without US intervention. The battle took place on the 23 of October, 1942, and ended November 3rd of the same year. It took place near the El Alamein railway in Egypt. Lead by Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, the battle cut the Axis powers, off from the Suez Canal, and the oil fields of the Middle East. During the battle a German oil tanker was also sunk, leading to dire lack of fuel for the German army. This battle was the main turning point in the North African Campaign, and helped lead to the ultimate defeat of the Axis. The Suez Canal was a vital resource for trade and troop movement, making it a strategic point. Cutting off Germany from the oil fields was also a tactical decision, making it harder to fuel the tanks and trucks in use by the Germans at the time. On top of it all, the win was a massive boost to the morale of the Allies. World War Two was a bloody affair, fought by honest men, and lead by strong leaders. There are many battles that made up the second world war, but without the victory at these three points, the path which the war took could have been very different.